Find a Viable Borrowing Option as a Servicemember

There is something amiss with military payday loans, and even worse there is barely anyone doing anything about it. We'll show you the bad side of this financial product because in all honesty there is almost zero good.

Military Payday Loans - Payday Lady Is There

The Payday Lady knows her payday advance loans - before the tights come on and the goggles drop down the Lady is actually a covert informant working deep within the bowels of a major payday advance company! Which one is to be left a mystery, and we all like to see the big boys sweat. As an insider, the Lady knows bad financing when she sees it, and nothing spells trouble like military payday loans.

The military payday loans options

These financial instruments are the exact same financial tools as every other cash advance with one key difference - military payday loans target a specific, highly vulnerable demographic. The prime candidates for financial misjudgments are young, hard working, low-income individuals with a desire for more than they can realistically afford - and U.S. military personnel fit the bill exactly. As a consequence this financing product has snaked its way deep into the heart of the American military, wreaking havoc and causing debt that requires financial counseling in upwards of 10% of all active duty personnel. 10%! Thats tens of thousands of American soldiers suffering at the hands of their first financial experiences. And thats not even the worst pay about it - what's worse is that nobody's doing anything about educating anyone about these lenders.

Turning their backs on military payday loans

We're in war mode right now in our country, and every day it seems we hear on the radio and in the news that soldiers overseas desperately need assistance. Money for armored transport, money for supplies, money for more favorable compensation - the money is asked for and usually given by the billions thanks to caring and benevolent gentlemen running our fair country. Those same politicians, however, have deep seeded connections with the financial industry, and when the call for military loans reforms comes up Washington turns a surprisingly deaf ear. Why? Because the people financing their bankrolls are the same people financing these products. Its strange to think, but a big part of that funding for soldiers overseas might be coming from the hundreds of thousands of soldiers falling deeper and deeper into debt at the hands of unstoppable, high cost payday lending.

All the military needs to do is set a few rules - or provide financial education so the soldiers know more about so-called cheap cash advances and instant military payday loans. But nothing is happening because while soldiers are going into debt the people writing their checks are making money off that debt. The Payday Lady can't be alone in this fight - something has to be done!

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